Hacking Google Series

The Hacking Google Series on YouTube is a documentary series produced by Google itself. It dives into the true stories of cyberattacks Google has faced, specifically focusing on a major attack in 2009 (Operation Aurora). The series explores how Google responded to this breach, revamped its security systems, and formed elite security teams to fortify […]

Coursera: Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate

I just completed the Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate on Coursera. I had wanted to do it for a while now. It seemed like a good first course to take, especially with the discount for the Security+ certification. It provides a good introduction to cybersecurity concepts and tools. However, despite what Google implies, I don’t think […]

Learn a bit of Cyber Security

I was eager to know more about Cybersecurity. Once I cleared the Azure Fundamentals exam, I decided to go for the Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals certification. And to broaden my understanding of cybersecurity in general, I went ahead and aced the (ISC)² certification. I really enjoyed learning Cybersecurity. Pretty sure I’ll do it […]

It’s Time To Make A Decision

There were many aspects to consider when choosing a cloud provider to specialize in. There’s so much to learn about cloud computing. I don’t want to spend time learning a service and then realize it was the wrong choice. The first aspect is not technical at all. Do I enjoy learning and using it? I […]

Cloud Fundamentals

I wanted to learn more about cloud technology and specialize in one of the three main providers. To help me decide which one to specialize in, I thought about taking the fundamental certification exams for all three of them. I studied for those certifications the same way I did for the LPI Linux Essentials: using […]

First Certification

Twenty years ago, when I first tried Linux, I started with Mandrake Linux and then moved on to Debian and Ubuntu. Since then, the interest in the system has never waned. It made sense to me to choose a Linux certification as the first one to pursue. When I learn something, I like to study […]