Harvard CS50: Introduction to Cybersecurity

The Harvard CS50: Intro to Cybersecurity is here! I’ve been waiting for weeks for it to come out. A few months ago, I watched the Harvard CS50: Introduction to Computer Science, which is probably the best introduction to computer science there is.

When I heard that there was going to be a CS50 on cybersecurity, I just couldn’t wait. The course launched on October 1st, and I watched everything by October 2nd.

The CS50 Intro to Cybersecurity is as awesome as CS50 Intro to Computer Science, thanks to Professor David J. Malan.

There are 7 hours and 40 minutes of videos that will teach you about:

  • hacking, cracking
  • social engineering, phishing attacks
  • passcodes, passwords, SSO
  • brute-force attacks, dictionary attacks
  • biometrics
  • multi-factor authentication, password managers
  • ethical hacking
  • (distributed) denial-of-service attacks
  • viruses, worms, botnets
  • SQL injection attacks
  • port-scanning
  • proxies, firewalls
  • automatic updates
  • closed-source, open-source software
  • buffer-overflow attacks
  • secure deletion
  • hashing, salting
  • secret-key, public-key encryption, digital signatures
  • full-disk encryption, ransomware
  • cookies, sessions, incognito mode
  • anonymization, de-identification
  • verification
  • operating systems, app stores

The course is free, but to obtain a certificate of completion, you must pass a test with a minimum score of 70% and pay €425.